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  • SVR 2

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    SCLOPETiS 1 piece

    means something like "SPRUDEL" in Latin, and that's exactly what it does with its wide, massive tail. The SCLOPETiS generates a high frequency and, due to the large surface of the tail, an enormous pressure that is equivalent to a school of fish. The body corresponds to the CiBUS II which, when attracting the predator, sees a prey fish that fits into its prey scheme. With this rubber fish we combine the attraction by the high frequency and the bite reflex on sight. What is still interesting in summer if you use the SCLOPETiS with approx. 5gr. leads directly under the water surface and thus creates a SPUB on the surface. A guarantee for pike.


    Because our gummies are cast by hand and each one is unique, color variations are inevitable.


    Our packaging is made from 100% recycled PET and the removable labels are made from waste paper.

    To reduce Co2 emissions, the blister packs are also produced directly by us.

    SKU: SCLO_222_SVR2
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