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RAPALA V-Blade GMTU 6cm 14gr.

RAPALA V-Blade GMTU 6cm 14gr.

VAT Included |

The Rap-V-Blade is the perfect balance between metal, plastic and Rapala® know-how. This extremely versatile lure creates instant vibrations when raised or retrieved. The Rap-V can be fished at variable depths using a variety of techniques: casting, making contact with the bottom, lifting and dropping while retrieving yo-yo style. Drop it to the bottom for a vertical presentation and jerk it for a jigging action. Two mounting positions; front for a slower falling swim action, rear for a faster fall, head-down action. Offering the right action and attitude, the Rap-V Blade is the perfect choice for all types of sport fishing. - Metal frame with durable plastic body - Two-hole line connection - Vibrating - loud rattling - VMC® tail treble and double belly hooks - Freshwater predators The new Rapala RAP-V BLADE wobbler combines the experience of Rapala with the possibilities that the combination of metal and plastic offers. The Rap V™-Blade is a versatile lure...

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