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Copy of X-RAP Countdown XRCD 7cm

Copy of X-RAP Countdown XRCD 7cm

VAT Included |

Rapala XRCD07 Decor: AYU


Never before have there been so many positive reactions to a novelty as to this wobbler. Throughout Switzerland, this sinking version of X-Rap has achieved incredible catches! The X-Rap Countdown descends 30% faster than the classic countdown, flutters as it descends, and is very versatile. Even though it's so heavy, its game starts with a light tug! The wobbler rolls hard, causing its flank to glitter and flash seductively. The countdown is a great choice when it comes to challenging robbers!


- Size: 7cm / weight: 10g / running depth: 0.9-1.5m

SKU: RA5813650
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