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VAT Included |

Our PVC eye glue is one of the strongest on the market. And unique with the  -K Dip if you want to go fast.

If you only want to work with the glue, the reaction time is about 2 minutes.  After 20 minutes we have 80% adhesive strength after about 5 hours the connecting bridge is 100% solid.


With the dip, a firmness of 50% is already guaranteed 2 SECONDS after dipping. After 1h  100%.

With the dip, however, it is important to use the glue sparingly, otherwise there will be edges.


Container size adhesive 10gr   20g


Package size Dip 2K   50ml   100ml


For small productions we recommend   10g glue pack. Which counteracts dehydration.





  • Application

    Avoid eye contact only in a well-ventilated area and skin. Use safety goggles. In case of contact, consult the doctor.

    We recommend gluing the eyes with tweezers and applying hand cream to your hands beforehand.

    Other plastisol than ours should be cleaned with acetone beforehand.

    One drop per eye, you can place up to 10 baits.

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