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    The Capere PLASTiC is characterized by being crystal clear. This way the colors and the glitter come into their own even more. The fact that it doesn't sweat out extremely, as you can see in the photo, is a great advantage for the airbrushes. PLASTiC is buoyant and super stretchy, twice the length. But what is also decisive is that it contracts back to 95% of its original shape (memory effect). And PLASTiC is also a must for those who keep the shad in the water for a long time, as it hardly absorbs any water and does not become milky. We left a bait in the water for 4 hours and it was still as crystal clear as when we put it in the water. Blistering is a foreign concept with the PLASTiC.

    We had this plastisol designed for us by chemists directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries.

    Phthalates free

    holdall EU guidelines on !!!


    Bulk consumer request for quotation mail to:


    excluding exchange containers




    Hello anglers, if you don't hear from us in the next 48 hours, the goods will be shipped in about 10 days.
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