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    Cibus II 3 pieces/pack

    It measures 14.4cm in length and 1.4cm in width. The action of this tail is unprecedented in the rubber fish market. This can already be seen from the extremely special shape. We tapered the rear third of the CiBUS II 14.4cm so that the predatory fish can fold the elastic together without resistance, like a hinge function. This is how the bait folds and there is hardly any so-called jaw lock. Our rubber compound is also so tough that the bait can withstand multiple attacks.

    We decided that we would not glue the eyes but paint them. Every rubber fish angler knows the problem of glued eyes; they don't last long.


    Because our gummies are cast by hand and each one is unique, color variations are inevitable.


    Our packaging is made from 100% recycled PET and the removable labels are made from waste paper.

    To reduce Co2 emissions, the blister packs are also produced directly by us.

    about 14 days
    SKU: Ci2_144_CAPERE1
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