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    CiBUS I    5pcs/pack

    It measures 8.8cm in length and 1.11cm in width with a 111 degree action tail. On the Cibus I 8.8cm, we have provided the rear third with two tapers so that when the zander or perch sucks on the rubber, it works like a hinge. This is how the bait folds and there is hardly any resistance, the so-called jaw lock. Our rubber mixture is also so tough that the bait can withstand several zander attacks and so soft that it still pulls a 5gr. JIG action shows. More importantly and attractively, our rubber is buoyant and even with a round head it will rise up vertically.


    We decided that we would not glue the eyes but paint them. Every rubber fish angler knows the problem of glued eyes; they don't last long.


    Because our gummies are cast by hand and each one is unique, color variations are inevitable.


    Our packaging is made from 100% recycled PET and the removable labels are made from waste paper.

    To reduce Co2 emissions, the blister packs are also produced directly by us.

    SKU: 188CANE
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