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Alessia 2
  • Alessia 2

    VAT Included |


    The FORCEPS 7.7//9.9 4 pieces/pack


    Why 7.7//9.9 = from the beginning of the body to the ends of the pincers it is 7.7cm, to the ends of the antennae 9.9cm, so you can imagine the exact length.

    TheFORCEPS has a massive buoyancy and pincer action that plays naturally in the water. This playing in the water occurs even with the slightest current. Even when sinking with 5gr. the FORCEPS makes slow action movements that correspond to the natural crab. The feet are designed to bring micro-vibrations into the water. With the hook slot at the top, this is well hidden and thus the risk of hanging is greatly reduced. It can be fished on the jig and offset hook.


    Because our gummies are cast by hand and each one is unique, color variations are inevitable.

    Our packaging is made from 100% recycled PET and the removable labels are made from waste paper.

    To reduce Co2 emissions, the blister packs are also produced directly by us.

    SKU: FORC_99_ALES2
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